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Great online multiplayer free game constantly updated. Me and my friends have been playin for 2-3 weeks and it's funny. Please dev don't put too many restrictions, let our creativity flow! Greetings from italy


oh shit i thought it were "Armin"....


great  game is SOOO FUN with friends


does it require wifi?


will this game ever go on ps4?


really a Good game, it's what I wanted from guns of icarus

I made a french let's play on it since it is amazing!

there should be different tiers of aircraft like in tier 1 you can have 250-500 pieces

and 750 in tier 2 and 1000 in tier 3

yess!!! i built my first ship and its was 3300+ parts... never played a match yet. went to try sandbox and boom. max 700 parts -_-. awesome game though, awaiting further improvement


hey gues! how to make bots to play with? is it possible?

I love this game, but please, make it so that you have a crew in sandbox, or to join an AI crew. i dont like to play alone. expecially when there is no soul in any server.

It has always been my dream to someday build a massive, ungodly, purloiner of the sky. And suddenly, today, that dream came true. And after I had spent seven hours of my life doing nothing even remotely productive, I did it. I excessively describe to you; Dreadnought Fortitude. It has a max armour value just short of 750,000  /-  10 engines  /-  A firepower value of 84.9%  /-  a dozen propellors matched with a dozen rudders  /-  4 unique respawns  /-  fully stocked munition cabinets along the entirety of the dreadnought  /-  all of that, encased in double shell-armour plating. And armed with an excessive amount of cannons and gatling guns. I attempted to load it into the sandbox, just to test out the halls and guns. But then, I stared in dismay at the error message. Only 1,000 parts max. I checked the board. 1507 parts.  And finally, I cried a little. At least it was a blast to design and construct. Thanks for that, at least!


thanks so much for this awesome game,its amazing

esta muy chulo pero cuanto costara si sale en steam


How much will it cost?


can you make it 32 bit


can you do a group chat on discord and send or post link to the group plz on this page

Hi, Very good game

Is there a mac version?

       Hey! I love your game, I think it's awesome! I have been playing this for the past few days and have a couple suggestions: 1. Can you make it more clear that turrets and other things can only go on beams? Or you make it so we can place turrets and stuff like that on armor plates. Keep up the good work! :D

just why im offin in the games plz help me for the multiplayer

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its not available on my pc . dunno why because its a windows pc  

is your PC 32bit or 64bit? because that may be the problem.

its realy good games!

Does not work on my pc, Winrar says "cannot execute" the file



Z not sporn ships ?

would be awsome if you could add a single player mode where you fight AI without the need for internet, like an offline mode or skirmish


you can press z to spawn ai ships in sandbox but a dedicated game mode for that is planned.

this dont have 32-bit version please make a 32-bit too

Is this have bots please make a bots i want to practice this game i want to fight bots to practice