Airmen Update 0.64.0: Capture Points, Major Mac Fixes, and More


Minor Features

Propellers spin slower when damaged.

Upped max ram damage to 1500.

Upside down turret.

The server browser displays the time remaining for a match in progress. 

The server browser automatically refreshes every 30 seconds so you won't miss when a match opens lobby.

Not touching an airship for 1.5 seconds will stop moving you with it.

Captains cannot start a match by readying until the lobby timer reachs 4:00.

Ship spawn points are in the corners of the map and perfectly symmetrical.

Leveled the center most mountain.

The match can be ended by controlling 4 capture points uncontested for 30 seconds. Disabled ships cannot contest a point. Points unlock at 3:00.

Bug Fixes

Blue team captain 1 could not invite new spectators.

Respawn chamber mouseover text did not display in battle if your original homeship was destroyed.

Chat sometimes became unclickable.

Ladder zone of simple rigging was too low.

Corrected tooltip hp values of riggings.

Rams dealt excessive damage to themselves and in high velocity ramming action the user could be kicked due to damage reflection.

Chat sometimes hid itself too quickly in battle when many messages were recieved.

First person controls were enabled while chat was open.

Commandeering the only functional enemy vessel while all allied ships are disabled did not reset the victory countdown timer to 30 seconds.

Adjusted armor root long stats to match its 3 part companion.

Fixed Purple UI in Mac.

Mac users can now save and load airships.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 37 MB
Jun 09, 2017

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