Airmen Update 0.65.0: New Map and Pigeon Missile Overhaul


Major Features

Weapons below 30% HP are disabled until repaired above this threshold. Disabled weapons behave the same as weapons without sufficient pressure.

Doubled repair power. Scrap cost remains the same.

Added a new map: Ridgline. Ridgeline has 3 capture points spaced further away from eachother. The map can be swapped by the server host or by using the /map "id" command. Map ids count up from 0.

Added multiplayer sandbox gamemode. The game mode can be swapped by the server host. Infinite match time. No friendly fire. Instant respawns.

Pigeon missiles will ignore targets obscured by clouds when they search for targets shortly after launch. Smokescreen will also obscure view. Targets obsucred after launch will be lost while obsucred but cam be retargetted.

Pigeon missiles target engines.

Minor Features

Slightly reduced the dead zone size of pigeon missiles.

Smoke screens release smoke at four engines each.

Doubled duration of smoke screen.

Repair hammers can heal allies.

Harpoons pull with less power based on ship pressure.

Reduced harpoon HP to be destructable with one knife/revolver hit.

The lobby timer jumps to 30 seconds if any captain moves with less than 30 seconds remaining.

Ballast cannot lift a ship with insufficent lift (can still slow descent and maintain altitude).

Increased twin cannon armor pen 5 > 10.

Removed damage ramping of twin cannon (100% at all ranges).

Reduced armor balloon HP by 500 and increase drag coefficent by 0.2. All highly successful ship have used this balloon.

Ram momentum damage scaling reduced. Still dealing max at low velocities.

Grass is not rendered on the two lowest graphics settings.

Terrain quality adjusts more with graphics setting.

Added contents to scrap boxes that diminish as scrap is removed.

Added 20 scrap to boxes.

Finishing the activation channel on a scrap box deposits your scrap into the box. Releasing the channel early withdraws as normal.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the fuzziness of UI elements such as nametags, ship blips, and capture point blips.

Fixed a bug that allowed parts with 3+ connection points to be placed out of bounds (forcing a restart without saving).

The boarding knife goes completely off screen.

Players will not drop multiple dead bodies when dying in sandbox.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 39 MB
Jun 26, 2017

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