Airmen Update 0.64.3: Boarding Knife and Turning Changes


Major Features

Added Boarding Knife. Compared to axe: less damage, 25% faster swing, 50% earlier hit time, double size hit volume, negative armor pen.

Further increased revolver fire rate to ~1.15 seconds per shot.

Respawn chamber is selected randomly to prevent spawn camping.

Match time scales linearly up to 20 minutes based on total mass. 60k > 20 minutes, 0k > 10 minutes.

Reduced the turning power of props so sitting still isn't the best strategy. (Rudder turning is now faster than point turning)

Rudders do not inhibit turning on point to prevent them from being a tradeoff.

Minor Features

A new head model for the lord and lady bots flying into battle.

Chat will inform you of your permanent death.

The death message only appears when permakilled.

The match timer counts down.

Players respawn with 200 HP which decays to 100 over 4 seconds.

Increased ship capture grief kick immunity timer to 30 seconds.

Normalized firepower ratings to equal the mass they require.

Added a chalkboard with more in-depth pressure stats.

Added a raw firepower counter to the chalkboards.

Reduced the reach of the boarding axe and charge by 25%.

Added 10 negative penetration to revolvers and carbines.

Bug Fixes

Dynamic parts did not count as parentable surfaces for ship riding.

Firing weapons directly downwards while crouching will no longer hit the user.

HUD images scaled awkwardly when on sideways turrets.

Forcing dismount turns off the turret in use.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 38 MB
Jun 23, 2017


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is it 32 bit yet?