Airmen Update 0.65.1: Siege Mode & Escort Mode


Major Features

  • Siege mode: Siege is a co-op gamemode with a preset AI team with unique spawn locations. Siege mode AI are typically immobile fortresses. Win by disabling all enemies.
  • Escort Mode: Escort mode is a versus mode where teams must escort a single capture point to the other side of the map. Completing the escort or disabling all enemies for 30 seconds win the match. Disabled ships cannot contest. The point only moves when occupied by one team.
  • You will be unable to respawn on a ship not controlled by your team if that ship is not your original ship. If your new homeship is on the enemy team you will instead spawn on your original ship. If you cannot spawn on that ship, you will be permenently killed.

Minor Features

  • If time runs out, the team with the most capture points wins.
  • Smoking barrel effects on carbine and revolver.
  • Smoother bullet trail on carbine, gatling, and revolver.
  • Replaced tree with a better looking and higher performance model/style.
  • Opened up the hangar for better visual contrast.
  • Grass fades in smoothly.
  • Tweaked revolver model to look better proportioned.

Bug Fixes

  • Less random crashes but possible performance drops.
  • The reconstruct button will no longer grow after every use.
  • Cleaned up the carbine model.
  • Players can no longer climb cliffs with frequent spacebar application.
  • Repair was inconsistent based on camera angle.
  • Chat will no longer be locked after clicking a button. 
  • Fixed a bug where the victory timer did not reset if the victor changed during the countdown.
  • Team blips do not immediately appear on all ships.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 40 MB
Jul 07, 2017

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