Airmen Update 0.64.1: Ship Stability and Build Mode Wanrings


Minor Features

Increased time before lobby close after match end.

Scoreboard appears when the match ends.

Return to hangar confirmation message.

Commandeering an enemy ship rewards negative team damage.

Increased natural drag on light ships.

Capped max lift at 1.5*mass to prevent noob trapping on medium ships and lift invincibility of heavy ships.

Increased momentum required to deal max ram damage (nearly all ram hits dealt max damage).

Warnings appear when bypassing build limits.

Added 2 additional example ships.

Activating an enemy occupied turret on a friendly ship dismounts the user.

Indexed spedometer clock to meters per second per hour.

Halved the non y axis torques of rudders.

Rail gun damage registers client side.

Added part counter to HUD.

HUD blips appear over friendly airships.

Bug Fixes

Railgun damage did not give a hitmarker or add to the scoreboard in DM.

Fixed a bug causing ships to spin out of control about the red axis.

Railguns dealt max damage with a single focuser.

Engine mouseover tooltip displayed an extra unrequired box.

Player boarding axes did not apply armor penetration.

Ballasts were twice as powerful in descent and continuously increased speed.

Improved server reset stability.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 37 MB
Jun 10, 2017

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