Airmen Update 0.62.3: Lobby Hotfixes

Thanks to Monday's playtest and everybody's awesome help on the Discord channel, I think I've located and fixed the "blank name" lobby issue. Once the lobby grew to a certain size, players joining did not synchronize to the lobby and existing players just saw a blank name plate. Shout out to everyone waiting patiently throughout the playtest.

To make up for the lost time, a bonus playtest is scheduled for Wednesday 5/17 at 7pm ET.


Minor Features
  • Rail guns have a new particle effect that is less laser-beamy.
Bug Fixes
  • Rail gun shots no longer go through mountains.
  • The lobby is less likely to fail with high player count.
  • One player cannot join at the same time as another to prevent lobby overload.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 60 MB
May 16, 2017

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