Airmen Update 0.63.2: More Netcode Optimizations and Bug Fixes


Minor Features

  • Respawn chambers must be placed upright.
  • Team ship damage does not count as griefing if the ship was recently captured.
  • New ship spawn algorithm that uses even less bandwidth.
  • Captains can dismount other players from steering wheels by taking the wheel.
  • Steering wheels cannot be mounted if any one is mounted on the ship.

Bug Fixes

  • Steering wheels were locked when a player using them disconnects.
  • Multiple players could mount a steering wheel simultaneously.
  • When multiple chat messages were received in one frame, only the oldest would be shown.
  • Restored some network fixes reverted by last update.
  • In-game names now properly display on players using turrets.
  • Increased minimum inertia to stabilize tiny and planar ships.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 38 MB
May 29, 2017


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