Airmen Update 0.63.3: Player Cosmetic Variance


Minor Features

  • Performance improvements to airship rendering.
  • Reduced the draw of propellers and increased draw AND thrust of ballasts and rudders.
  • Altered rotation speed limiting algorithm. Bigger ships should turn slower the same way they move slower.
  • Respawn chambers require empty space in front of them.
  • Moved the rudder's position in the parts list.
  • Some players will get a different helmet in-game.
  • Ship captains get a distinguishing shoulder band.
  • Moderators have fancy mustaches in-game.
  • Enabled vsync and frame limiting for potato-simple.
  • Shrunk the targeting box of pigeon missiles so less miss slow targets.

Bug Fixes

  • Antialiasing properly applies to first person objects.
  • Sometimes ships "popped" being instantly destroyed. A system has been installed to prevent this but when prevented it may leave floating parts.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 38 MB
Jun 03, 2017

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