Airmen Update 0.62.2: Lots of Lobby Changes

We've seen lots of complaints from players unable to easily get into a running match. This update adds some feedback to when things don't work (like when you attempt to connect to an offline server) and makes it easier to get a match started.


Minor Features
  • Added red notifications to chat when lobby requests are denied.
  • If a captain leaves a slot with a crew, their crew becomes spectators.
  • Any players who join lobby with an airship will display their ship's mass after their name.
  • Players may only make lobby requests every one second.
  • A captain may no longer join their own crew.
  • A chat message is displayed when attempting to connect to an in progress match.
  • A chat message is displayed when attempting to connect to a match with a different version.
  • A chat message is displayed when failing to connect to an offline server.
  • Only captains must be ready to start the match.
  • Spectators joining will not unready everyone.
  • A change in crew will only unready the captain who lost crew, rather than all players.
  • If the match timer expires and one captain from each team is ready, the game will start.
  • Activatable parts can only be activated on certain faces (no activating steering wheels from below).
  • Airships now require respawn chambers to leave the hangar.


Airmen Alpha (Windows) 60 MB
May 15, 2017

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